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Coppa Day 3

Day 3 of the Coppa Milano-San Remo dawned wet and the crew and car of the #42 Aston Martin resembled the walking wounded: The co-driver having aggravated his torn shoulder (from a recent scooter mishap) pushing the car over the previous 2 days and the driver with pains from  the gearbox, steering and pedals that were stiff after so many years of not being used. It’s not sure what the final straw was, either when we strolled out of the hotel to head to the start and spotted the enormous pirate ship tied up that neither of us had spotted the 2 times we’d passed it the night before or when our friendly policeman advised us that snow was expected just to the North of us, but it became obvious that is was too much to ask of any of us, let alone a 60 year old car, to head 4h30 through that kind of weather back to Milan, just to then have to turn around for a 5 hour motorway run south after lunch back to our agreed drop off of the car in Nice. Especially given that a swift left turn out of the car park and 2h30 on the motorway would see us there. To try and take the car back into weather that foul given our mental and physical conditions was too much to ask. So we passed the start line to say farewell to the other crews (narrowly avoiding being run off the road deliberately by the over aggressive works Alfa Romeo support crew!) and then headed due west, hugging the coast to avoid the snow. Arriving at our destination we ate and then both slept the entire afternoon. It had been a tough few days and at the end of it, it was probably the 1952 Aston Martin DB2 that was in the best condition!

A fabulous experience, and as mad as we expected. But also a LOT tougher.

Thanks for following us on here.

Your somewhat dirty and shattered correspondant


Bentley Brits in the mist

Lagonda lads wrapping up against the cold

The Police Escort was very handy if a little close at times!

Waiting for the start

Where did that come from?

We followed #41 everywhere!
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