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Mille et Une Nuits - Final Day!

Once yesterdays results had been calculated, it was the Laurences in their Lotus Elan from Serre Chevalier who had sneaked into the lead. By just 1/10th of a second from the Arnaud's who were a similar distance in front of the Rinaldis! So it was their honour to lead the field away from the overnight halt in the walled City of Kairouan.

The Laurences lead us away from Kairouan

From the same region of France
but built for different purposes

The crews headed almost due west back into the rolling Tunisian hillside where more than 150km of empty roads lead to the days special. This was to be the longest of the rally at up to 30km and the toughest as we had to cope with goat herds, potholes and mad dogs (latter no problem for an Englishman...). Such was the technicality of the route that their were periods where we were at "maximum attack" with the 911 sideways out of the hairpins etc to stay on pace.


Under the watchful gaze

Alfa risks being crushed by rolling haystack

The end of this regularity marked the end of the competitive sections of the 1st running of the Mille et Une Nuits rally with the crews then making the final 110km back to the luxury of The Residence in Tunis at their own pace before the gala dinner and prize giving tonight.

Day started out west across the plains

Final stunning sights approaching Carthage

 It's been a pretty incredible week, and I will admit I had no concept of the variety of roads and scenery that Tunisia had to offer. Being able to stretch the car in a way which you can no longer do in Europe has been a real pleasure and the camaraderie  of the other competitors has been fabulous: undoubtedly a few new long term friendships have been made here this week.

Fenouil and his team have done an incredible job of organising this trip and I would not be surprised if every single one of the competitors returns in 2011 for the 2nd Mille et Une Nuits!
We certainly will and I would heartily recommend it to novices and regularity addicts alike.

Rick Pearson

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