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Day 2

A day of contrasts greeted the competitors of the Mille Et Une Nuits as one of the longest days of the rally took us from the Mediterranean coast back through the mountains which provided such great driving yesterday and South into the edges of the Desert.

Start of Day 2, The Fossa's prepare to depart in front of us,
while the Rolls Royce looms large in the mirrors...

Oasis and mountains.. Typical terrain for Day 2

First car away was the 911 S of Jean Michel and Marie Francoise Arlaud who were the overnight leaders, not ex-President of the French Federation Sport Automobile and all round comedian Bernard Consten who had issued his own results yesterday! The Arlauds had aced both regularities on Day 1, although 3 other crews had also done so on the second RT! My rally novice wife was proud to point out we were leading the crews "who aren't equipped better the Seb Loeb" ie have no rally tripmaster on board in 12th.

So a very swift run of 30km from the coast up into the hills for the start of the days regularity which caught out a few very experienced crews. A particularly tricky multi-speed stage on a winding forest road with broken tarmac and livestock to challenge everyones time keeping. Following this a 200km run down from the hills above Ain Draham, through Bulla Regia on some superb quick and empty roads to lunch on a plateau above Kasserine. Once again the organisation had laid on a lovely barbeque in the middle of nowhere with stunning scenary as backdrop.

Ruined villages familiar to Star Wars fans everywhere...

Stunning location on a plateau for lunch on Day 2

The afternoon saw us driving through miles of cactus and heavily washed away river beds with the roads featuring long fast gently rolling straights. Then as we approached the border town of Tamerza the roads became even more deserted and slightly more washed out before the stunning vistas of Les Gorges de Selia came into view. Our lightly disguised racing Porsche has coped mightily with all conditions which is even more impressive once we realised (following a spot of investigative work during the lunch break) that she had only covered 1000km in the last 2 years and is still rolling on the tyres she came out of the factory on 17 years ago! This does at least explain the limited amount of grip I have been finding...

Tomorrow will be an easier day for the crews after today's marathon legs with just 110km to cover and 1 regularity and will hopefully end at a hotel where the Internet actually functions so I can share more pictures and videos from the rally so far!

Your "shaken to the bone by racing suspension" correspondant

Rick Pearson

Navigating the smaller towns throws up a collection of hazards
from brick lorries to tractors with wobbly wheels to donkey carts....
here all 3 at once!

Leaving the plains of Tunis and heading
for the Southern hills...

Jaguar parking only at sunset on Day 2
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