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The spectacular confines of the Grand Palais in Paris once again played host to the pre-start rituals of the Tour Auto. Each year the sponsors can bring all their guests to see the fabulous field of cars before they set off on the long Tour of France while the crews can complete the documentation and scrutineering requirements in the warm and dry in central Paris. It is truly a fabulous building and a great place to display the over 300 cars that make up the 2013 field.

if we'd been in one of these, co-pilots back would have stopped us starting

Lots of Ferraris as usual

For the EFG International crew, our rally was almost over before it began! Co-driver Keith hurt his back while sneezing in the slightly dusty atmosphere whilst queuing to register in Paris. And was then kidnapped by the rally medics who took him off to hospital! It was soon clear that he was not going to be seen by a Doctor in a hurry and given that our car has undoubtedly the most comfortable seats of any in the Competition section (and potentially the entire rally) he discharged himself and bravely decided to take the start regardless.

Astons fit and ready to go, co-pilot deciding if he is!

A good smattering of Jags too
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