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Fresh from our recent exploits on the Tour Auto, the next adventure for the EFG International Crew is on the Tour Britannia. This fabulous event, which is often surprisingly light on entries, is simply one of the highlights of the UK racing calendar and is supported by EFG and Bonhams. Quite why more Brits don’t get out an compete in it is a mystery as it’s great value for the entry fee and you get 2 full days behind the wheel!

In fact, full days doesn’t even begin to cover it as we’ll have 8 rally stages (4 repeated twice) plus a race on Friday then similar on Saturday. Based in Warwick all the locations are within a 50 mile radius of the event HQ hotel so road mileage is not enormous at just less than 200 miles each day so the competitive challenges will be coming thick and fast.

We’re taking the Porsche 924 Turbo rally car that we attempted the Historic Monte Carlo rally in this year, it’ll be her 4th appearance on the event, and to be honest it’s been one which has defeated her every year so far so we’ll really just be hoping to make it to the finish on Saturday night: The combination of a lack of mechanical sympathy from the driver and some bad design from Porsche means we’ve had a bit of a learning curve with the car so far, but the Speed Scotland team think they are on top of the issues and she’s been running very well in pre-event shakedown. So fingers crossed!

Your “determined to finish this one” correspondent,


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