The private bank for historic motor racing

Renault F1 Team

In August 2010, the Renault F1 Team announced a partnership with EFG International, encompassing the remaining races of the 2010 season. The logo of EFG Bank, part of EFG International, appeared on the sidepods of the Renault F1 R30, starting at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on the weekend of 27-29 August. For EFG, this was an exciting opportunity to be able to complement its historic motor racing credentials with the cutting edge and excitement of Formula 1.

Renault F1 Team Chairman Gerard Lopez commented at the time of the announcement: “We are delighted to welcome EFG International to the Renault F1 Team's partner network for the remainder of this season. EFG is probably the leading bank in historic motor racing and is a respected premium brand."

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